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The Cubes April 5, 2010

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The project I titled Faces of Inspiration.  Seeing that there were countless faces of inspiration in the art world I asked my children their favorites and was able to choose three.  I would have liked to continue on with more but had to stop because of the time, for it proved a bit more difficult than I thought.

Maybe I will choose to fill my studio with many more.


Kandinsky March 16, 2010

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Finished my first cube Kandinsky’s composition VII, really having fun with this project.   Next I will tackle Vincent.  So much great art out there it is hard to decide what to choose.


cube project March 9, 2010

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This project sounds exciting and challenging.  I have many different ideas for the images.  Human body, different systems as a set, watch pieces, shoes, birds and bird nests,golf holes, butterflies and today plan to search the web for interesting images.


Chapter Two of Digital Art

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Utilizing digital technologies as an artistic medium opens up unlimited opportunities for creating art.  This art provides a way for the viewer as well as the artist to participate in the making of the art, this is unlike any art of the past. Chapter two of Christinane Pauls book, Digital Art, explores using digital technologies as a medium. To label art as “digital art” it must use the digital platform from start to finish. Digital art is unique in that it is participatory, changeable, and dynamic.  It uses different elements that combine to make the whole, which include: sound and music, internet art, physical installations, film, video and animation, virtual reality, and software art.

Golan Levin explores combining the visual and auditory aspects of digital art in his 2001 performance of Telesymphony. He used mobile phones with their many different ring tones for his “instruments.”  People were invited to a tele-symphony in a music hall, they received tickets with assigned seating after registering their mobile phone numbers at a web kiosk prior to the concert. Because the exact location and tone of each participant’s mobile was known to Levin prior to the performance, he was able to choreograph a diverse selection of music. The performers dialed the phones using custom software and the ringing of the mobiles created the music.  The audience became the participants in their own “cellular” space(135).  Simultaneously, spotlights shined on the member of the audience whose phone was ringing, these lights were displayed on screens at either side of the stage in a grid like fashion which was likened to a musical “score”, thus adding a visual element as well.

Ringtones of mobile phones that are often considered annoying and embarrassing were transformed into a beautiful symphony with a corresponding light show. The audience became participants in that time and space, they helped create the art.

Telesymphony created its meaning through a computer program that allowed the audience to be a vital element of the art, which is the formal aspect on which digital art is based.


trials and tribulations of Kinkos March 3, 2010

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Starting at noon yesterday with the mission to get my assignment printed and mounted in an hour, turned out to be an afternoon into the late evening filled with frustration.  I found that the colors on my computer image were not what they were on the printed image.  I luckily had some images that were copies that I had yet to flatten.  On my third trip into the kinkos I finally got smart and took my laptop with me.  I had them print up the image changed it accordingly, this went on for an hour but am very happy that I did this.  When coming to class this morning I felt good in the company of other students, much younger than myself (which isn’t hard by the way) having the same issues, Misery loves company.  Oh, by the way I highly discourage anyone from patronizing the Kinkos in Castle Rock, very rude, a true test of patience and forgiveness had to be practiced.  Park meadows I give a thumbs up.


Womens Family Tree March 2, 2010

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I love the Dada’s collage work and am inspired by their work. I am having thoughts of changing my original piece. I would like to incorporate more of a collage feeling. Text. Although I would like to continue with a the same theme of family, and women. February 22, 2010

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